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Infusionwhip 580g Blueberry Mango Flavoured N2O Cannister

In Stock

Capacity: 580g / 0.95L

Colour: Yellowish Blue

Flavour: Blueberry & Mango

Gas Content: Ultra-pure Nitrous Oxide (N20)


Product Details

Nangs delivery gold coast is all set to deliver you flavoured InfusionWhip 580g cream chargers to give a fruity twist to your culinary experience. Whether you are hosting a party with mocktails or baking flavorful cupcakes, HomeInfusion Whip Cream Chargers, featuring the delightful Blueberry Mango flavour has kept you all set. Our InfusionWhip cream chargers Canisters offer higher qualities of N2O gas content to ensure the best results, every time. Add to the cart and experience the fast nangs delivery in Gold Coast within 15 minutes.

Product Highlights: 

– More N20 – More Money saved

– Delicious Whipped Cream 

– Comes with Plastic Release Nozzle

– Suitable for All Recipes

– No Oily Residue or Chemical Aftertaste


The listing is for the canister only.
The regulator set is sold separately.
WARNING – Please only dispose of empty canisters.

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